Chase Fireflies

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Hodgepodge Love

 I LoVe this guy.  Ten years later, he still brings me wildflowers.  (Thanks, hon.) 

Why I can’t wait to tear our doors down.   An upcoming DIY project.

Life planning.  Excellent post about what really matters.

Love is a Thread.   If only we lived on the west coast! 

Apple Crisp.  Paul:  Don’t ever make any other apple crisp but this one.

A courageous heart.  Love.  Love.  Love.


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The Painted Horse with Gilded Trim

Crescent Park Carousel, Looff Carousel;  circa 1895

Head tilted back in full on laugh;  smile so wide I cannot take it in. 

The painted horse with the gilded trim that goes up and down.  She carousels in joy.  Taking in every mirror and band organ sound and sea glass colored hand carving all around. 

She rides on history alive.  Of men in full suits and top hats and bowties and women in long skirts with corsets who have gone before;  riding through wars and peace and fear and prosperity.

Through roaring 20’s and Depression times and silent movies and civil unrest and walls torn down and dignity found.

As voices sing out with beautiful sounds of freedom. 

Hair whisps carefree in hourglass time.  Her eyes, gray-blue rich, find mine and we lock in our treasure of this now. 

This yesterday.  This here. 

We laugh and hold onto brass that has been held onto through the ages and one word cycles around with the music. 



Fields of Dandelions


It was then that the awkward silence broke into tears.  Falling down, each more quickly than the next.  And we didn’t know what to say. 

It was the kind of crying where the words are sputtered out in that high squeaky voice, coupled with gasps of breath and indistinguishable other sounds.  I think us girls have this in common; this way of crying, that is.  We’re funny like that.  It’s our way.

It is also our way to grow in strength through weakness.  With her tears, came our own.  Hurting together.  And the quiet tears mingled with whispers of pain and praise.  One by one, into rich soil together, holding our hands and bowing our heads.

Somehow, treasure in the transparent.  Vulnerability.  Depth.  Humility to surrender.  Honesty that you’re hurting.  That you have to reach outside of yourself to find hope, wake up in the morning, get through another day. 

These are the fields of dandelions.  Growing together towards the sun.  Scattering beauty and learning to die.  Finding life in the dirt.  Even because of it.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  Believing this with all that I am.

Much Love,


Finding Riches

Guess I’ve been kinda quiet lately.   Thinking of ousting the blog due to time constraints and my horrible ability to multi-task.  (Can’t even cheer against the Yankees and write this!)  Can’t seem to delete just yet. 

Followers or not, I often need this space for me.  Me and God, that is.  And lately, a mug of pumpkin cappuccino.

I can’t promise you’ll find anything here in the near future. Most likely, silence.  Maybe God rambles. Probably nothing practical.  (Am I cut out for marketing?) 

I frequent blogs to get recipes, ideas for the kids, running tips, decorating ideas, and keep current on social justice issues.  And to catch up on my peeps.  This may not look like any of that.

I had wanted a blog to hold all of my loves in one place, but I’m not committed.  Rather, I’m holding on more tightly to other things;  more treasured things.  If this space is functioning, there is a good chance that no one has clean socks in their drawers and the townhouse is an obstacle course.  Likewise, when words lie dormant, a richer life is growing on the other side. 

The falling leaves of autumn have brought so much beauty and exploration into our lives.  We’ve enjoyed: 

*Celebrating Selah’s 5th birthday with Tinkerbelles. 
*Membership at the Y
*Exploring Pittsburgh through free days provided by the city.

*Visiting my beautiful friend Heather (30 years of friendship – oh dear.) 
*Adden’s 1st trip to the ER (not enjoyable, but grateful for health.)
*Traveling to North Carolina to visit our friends Bruce and Becky.
*Conversations, postcards, and coffee.

*Learning through the charter school curriculum. 
*A trip to Lancaster to see Thomas the Train with Paul’s family. 
*Celebrating with friends over new babies, ordinations, and anything good.

The richer life is growing.  Slowly, fumbling towards the sun, reaching up, giving up, getting tangled, finding my breath, and discovering what it means to be alive.   I read this prayer today in a study of Deborah (Judges 4-5) and adored it. 

“May they who love You be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” 

Praying this for you, friend.
With Love,

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Child Protection Compact Update


The Child Protection Compact Act was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee… The next step is a vote in the Senate.

This vote is crucial to help eradicate child trafficking. 
Please consider calling your Senator’s office today. 

Here’s a link that will help you through.  I am hoping to call tomorrow sometime.  Please consider doing the same! 

Thanks, friends!

9/22 UPDATE:  I called both senators’ offices today and it takes like 2 minutes!  Easiest thing ever.  Much easier than anticipated. 

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This God that I love.
He has challenged me to wear compassion.  

Compassion does not suit me well, friends.  I am a comfort girl.  Running shorts, track pants, favorite jeans, hair in a pony.  I look crazy awkward in anything else. 

He didn’t ask me to clothe myself in comfort. 
He said to wear compassion.

I’ve heard it said that compassion is a deep awareness of some one’s suffering. 
I’m learning that this means…

Listening.  Crying out.  Asking questions.  Being still.  Sitting by the bed.  Praying.  Hoping.

Being together, so as not to be alone. 

I stink at compassion.  I don’t want to.

Compassion seeks to understand.  Compassion seeks to relieve.
Compassion is discomfort. 

It’s awkward, like ill fitting shoes giving you blisters.  Or those pants that you snake yourself into.  (That happened to me today…. Too many bagels, too few runs.  Oh the agony!)

Compassion hurts and heals. 
The compassion of those closest to me has been unending. 
The compassion of God has risen me from a sure death.

God, clothe me in compassion.  Clothe us in Your beauty.
Love never fails.



1.  Remodeling our living room and dining room… painting, chair rail, coordinating.  So excited to post pictures when we’re done!  If I really had the courage, you would see what it looks like now.  Insane!  Lots of picnics on princess blankets lately.

2.  Running in the Great Race in a month… need to have more motivation to get these legs moving again.  Ice cream is not so much doing the trick.  The fabulous Amy G is running with me.  Anyone else in?

3.  Teaching the kids this coming year through charter school curriculum… blown away by free materials received… computer, picture books, science & art supplies, manipulatives.  Psyched to learn with them!  Kindermusic, art classes, ballet included… crazy too good to be true!

4.  Reading The Hole in the Gospel has kicked me hard.  Still in process.  I have needed to be humbled, made grateful, informed.  If anything breaks my heart, it’s the American church’s apathy towards the world.  It’s my apathy. 

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”  – Martin Luther King Jr. 

5.  Preparing the kids’ clothes, toys, and left limbs  for consignment.  Paul buys high end stuff at yard sales for pennies and when the kids grow out of stuff, we re-sell by consignment.  Usually we break even.  It’s how we get by and look cute doing it:)   So much fun!

Anyway, there’s a quick update of life.  Praying that you are well and enjoying these last few bits of summer!  We are headed to the park today to walk, feed the ducks, and climb.  I love being outside.  Or maybe I just love escaping from this mess!

Much Love,