Chase Fireflies

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Zoo-ing it Up

Last week we zoo-ed it up with a few of our favorite girls.  I tell ya… these 5 are fantastic.


See how proud my little one is?  She thinks the world of them.  Me also.

with adden

For this pic, the little man popped in.  See him on the right?  Keeping his distance from all the ladies with the hormones and the schemes:)

polar bear

We caught a glimpse of fantastic polar bear dives.


And super-cute polar bear fans.

amy & selah

And I just want to say…
I’m crazy thankful for each of the girls and guys in our lives…
Who put up with us and love on our kids.

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Shaving Cream Fun for Kids!

We introduced Sweet Pea to shaving cream this week!  See that sly smile? 


It was for painting, but her favorite canvas was definitely herself!


She LOVED this stuff!


It created an afternoon of spontaneous running, swimming, and more painting!

liitle bro

Clearly The Little Man wasn’t as sold on the medium.  He wanted nothing to do with such antics!  But overall a fantastic afternoon for less than a dollar:)

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Under the Breakers

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;
   All your waves and breakers have swept over me.


There is something about the Atlantic that centers me. 

Its waves are wild and unmanageable and welcoming.  One cannot sneak into their grasp.
You tackle them in full sprint or you get out of the water cause its just not worth the cold.

I grew up on this coast.  Searching for shells.  Buried in the sand, with salty air in my lungs.
I grew up under the breakers, carried by an unleashed power beyond my ability to control.

If you were to ask me what I love about my Jesus, I would say…

I adore how He swept me into redemption
And how He frees me to live under the crashing surf 
With energy, danger, and purpose here;  hope as I’ve never seen.

Thoreau said, “You must live in the present and launch yourself on every wave.”
Looking back, I can see that those breakers were never haphazard after all. 

By day the LORD directs his love, at night his song is with me… for I will yet praise Him, 
My Savior and my God.  (Ps 42)

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Trip to the Dominican (and New England)

Hey ya’ll!

The kids and I are hanging out in New England for the week.  It’s been bliss already!
Red Sox Games, Clamcakes, Carousels, Parks, Parades, Beaches, Dell’s, and mainly hanging with the fam.  Time together is sweet:)

While we party, relax, and eat too much seafood (our kids love octopus!), Paul heads to the Dominican on a missions trip.  EEEK!  He has been planning this trip for months.  It’s hard to believe it’s here. 

He and the team will be visiting old friends, supporting the Dominican church in Santiago, providing a VBS for kiddos, and heading into Haiti, among other things. 

I would really cherish your prayer for them.  For safety, growth, flexibility, wisdom, creativity, LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Everything, really. 

Our favorite man is there, which is why we’re here.  (Trying to keep occupied.)

Follow their stories here.   They will be incredible, I just know it.

Much Love,