Chase Fireflies



1.  Remodeling our living room and dining room… painting, chair rail, coordinating.  So excited to post pictures when we’re done!  If I really had the courage, you would see what it looks like now.  Insane!  Lots of picnics on princess blankets lately.

2.  Running in the Great Race in a month… need to have more motivation to get these legs moving again.  Ice cream is not so much doing the trick.  The fabulous Amy G is running with me.  Anyone else in?

3.  Teaching the kids this coming year through charter school curriculum… blown away by free materials received… computer, picture books, science & art supplies, manipulatives.  Psyched to learn with them!  Kindermusic, art classes, ballet included… crazy too good to be true!

4.  Reading The Hole in the Gospel has kicked me hard.  Still in process.  I have needed to be humbled, made grateful, informed.  If anything breaks my heart, it’s the American church’s apathy towards the world.  It’s my apathy. 

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”  – Martin Luther King Jr. 

5.  Preparing the kids’ clothes, toys, and left limbs  for consignment.  Paul buys high end stuff at yard sales for pennies and when the kids grow out of stuff, we re-sell by consignment.  Usually we break even.  It’s how we get by and look cute doing it:)   So much fun!

Anyway, there’s a quick update of life.  Praying that you are well and enjoying these last few bits of summer!  We are headed to the park today to walk, feed the ducks, and climb.  I love being outside.  Or maybe I just love escaping from this mess!

Much Love,

3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. You are busy! So you home school? What grades are your kids? My kids had their first day back at school today.

    • Hey Leah! We’re just doing this charter thing for the year. We’ll see how things go:) I am much more apt to go the traditional route of schooling, but 2 kids in preschool was expensive. So we’re giving this a shot.

      Tell the kids we say hi! Would love to catch up with you guys again:) Their first day pics were adorable!

  2. I read the Hole in our Gospel… awesome stuff. It dragged for me a bit with stats in the middle but keep on, it’s powerful. Love ya!

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