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Just a heads’ up. This post is not going to be pretty, so stopping while you’re at it would be a good suggestion. For real. I am infuriated and repulsed and deeply saddened by an issue destroying the place I once called home.

Rhode Island is the place of my roots. There is a level of comfort here in the coming back. The fierce ocean waves, gritty sand in between my toes, drinking a Del’s lemonade, clam cakes. There are the carousel rides, the cliffwalk, Pawsox games, waterfires. I love this place. Like really love it.

And yet I am coming to realize that this is not the home that some residents ever know. Their home is their prison. They are victoms of trafficking. Sure, in some cases prostitution is a choice. In other cases, women and children are bought and sold without any consent. Every freedom that I know to be true is lost to a pimp and politics who count their cash.

Rhode Island just got ratted out by a 16 year old runaway who was permitted to strip for cash. You’ve probably heard all about it. Turns out, she’s allowed by law to continue. Even Vegas prohibits child abuse. You’ve got to be at least 21 to work in a club there. Not in RI. I suppose she didn’t rat out the state after all.

If that weren’t horrific enough, Rhode Island permits indoor prostitution. It is the only remaining state that sanctions it. Providence is littered with clubs, but so are small town communities. Massage parlors have infested the state and will continue to do so if these laws are not changed.

Since the seedier side of RI has broken into the news, the media has had a heyday. A recent clip on Fox news shows Bill O’Reilly shaking his head and laughing at the loopholes in the law. He is quoted as saying, “They might want to fix it up there. You might want to fix it in the Ocean State.”

Come on now. The segment was almost portrayed as an advertisement for traffickers and predators. Was there no better way of highlighting this problem than through sarcastic laughter? How can anyone have the gall to laugh when children and teenagers are being abused? Maybe the attention was beneficial if it infuriated people. But only if it infuriated them to do more than shake their heads.

Are we just not getting it? Do we not care? If Rhode Island doesn’t change its legislation soon, this state’s problems are going to amplify across the nation and world. As it is, three neon x’s are screaming to offenders that there’s freedom to be found here. Freedom for offenders. Modern day slavery for the offended.

As this state continues to reap profits from the industry, it is also going to reap a sludge of problems. Prostitution ramps up crime, is inherently debasing, destroys families and communities, and preys on our next generation. Individuals enslaved to their traffickers undergo severe physical and psychological abuse, are forced into drug and alcohol abuse, and are at high risk for deadly disease. It sickens me to no end that children are trafficked to my home to know no other life but this.

Now that you’ve read this rant, I’m sure you’re sorry. I told you it was ugly. I’ve ruined your morning, upset your stomach, stolen happy for today. I didn’t mean to. I just needed to speak up to someone, for someone. And you were caught in the crossfire. Sorry.

Writing this will have done nothing to stop these injustices. I know that. They’re words on a computer screen. But it’s how I could find peace with my pillow for tonight.

I don’t know where to begin to deal with this. But I know people who do: my friend Court, International Justice Mission, and oh yeah – Jesus. (Courtney runs with only the best.)

Someone once said, “This world is not mine to save, but I can serve the mission of God Who has already done so.” Amazing words to live by. Now to figure out how. I guess I’ve got a lot of figuring out to do.



34 Going on 13

Upon asking my Dad for a hairdryer today and upon him supplying it, he then wondered if I knew how to plug the thing in. He asked me if I could plug in a hairdryer.

That worries me.

In an earlier instance, I was awakened at 7:45 because breakfast was at 8:00 because lunch was promptly scheduled for 12:00.

During our 8:00 am breakfast, I requested permission to run and shower immediately following. I was denied permission, but was given a revised schedule to meet my needs for running off one too many clamcakes and for not reeking.

My brother and I have contemplated sneaking out one of these nights for the first time ever. I’m 34. He’s 29.

But then again, we would never do it. We adore our parents and they would freak. Maybe we shall request permission to sneak out first.

All ridiculousness aside, it’s good to be home and spend time with them. They’ve set the bar for hard work and diligence in this fam. And I’m a disciplined woman today because of them.

And I can plug a hairdryer in to boot. Yeah.


Truth Be Told

There have been negative updates lately due to:

Missions trip
Recouping from said trip

The usual suspects like being wife and momma
Visiting with my fam in RI
Minimal Internet access here

But mostly

I just figured out how to post on my own blog
After all the cute changes I made.

I must be brilliant:)

Paul would be soooo proud.

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Please Pray

Paul’s grandma (Pastor Charles’ mom) went home to be with Jesus today. Please pray for the family as they grieve. I am still planning on meeting up with Paul and the missions team in DC tomorrow, but we’ll come home early on Monday for the arrangements.

Selah told me at dinner tonight that she knew just what Grandma Charles was doing. She said that Jesus was giving her a big old hug. I like that image. I love that child.

Thanks for praying,

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Prayer Guide

Hey Guys-

Paul left today with our Missions Team to Manassas, VA. (Sad face, mine.) I hated to see him go, but love that God will do brilliant things in and through everyone involved. I’ll meet up with everyone on Friday to help out with a Leadership Conference in D.C.

The following is a prayer guide that we’ve created for our Team. We would really love if you prayed with us on a daily basis. I’ll keep you updated if you care:) Thanks!

Much Love,

Here goes:

Pray for safe travel for the team, including Rob who is flying into D.C. Pray as they receive their responsibilities for the week. (Already prayers answered:) Pray that they start making connections with team members of other groups.

Pray for the team as they head to their ministry projects. The team will be working with many special needs children. Pray that the students are challenged as they serve so that their faith grows. Pray that they work humbly, hard, and without complaints. Pray for meaningful connections to be made with those whom they serve.

Pray that God deepens relationships. Pray for our students and leaders to see opportunities that are available to them, even when it feels like there are roadblocks. The students will have Tuesday evening free to spend as a youth group, so pray that they have safety and a great time of team building.

The students will continue the projects at their sites. Pray that they will see God clearly at work in their service to Him. Pray for individuals to come to Christ. Pray for students to be challenged in the morning and evening programs and through personal devotions.

Pray for the teams to complete the work that they began at the sites. Pray for good attitudes and energy to get through the last full day of ministry. Pray for Abby and Heather as they travel back to PA in the evening.

Pray that the team makes it to the conference safely. Pray for safe travel for Aprille and Kristin as they drive to D.C. to meet up with the team. Pray that God deepens relationships with Himself, as the team is challenged by the first evening message.

Pray for the team as they attend seminars, learning labs, and an evening message. Pray that they are challenged to “Be” the people whom God has created them to be.

Pray for continued growth in Christ. Today the students will be challenged to “Love” those whom God has called us to love. Pray that God is honored in worship. Also pray for Aprille and Christin as they travel back Sunday night.

Pray for the team as the conference concludes. Today, the focus will be “Serve.” Pray that all will leave this week changed and affected for a lifetime of discipleship. Pray for safety as the remaining team members travel back.


Freedom and Fireworks


Red white and blue
Hot dogs and hamburgers
And parades

We celebrate our freedom.

But I can’t help but wonder
If we’re living in freedom
When we’re slaves to

Our own messed up desires.

Being an American does not make me free,
Though I thank God for the freedoms this country allows
And the soldiers who have lived and died to secure that freedom.

Being a follower of Christ makes me free,
Because God has rescued me from myself.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
– 2 Corinthians 3:17