Chase Fireflies

My Big List

With Life I Want To:  Love Jesus,  my family, those who least expect it… AND

Return to Korea
Provide relief/assistance to disaster victims
Get published ( and Outreach Magazine)
Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly

Pay off debt
Walk the Great Wall
Swim with dolphins

Attend a March Madness Game
Teach in the inner city
Support, challenge, encourage students
Play a part in world missions (Korea, Brazil, Thailand)

Be a friend
Help out in a homeless shelter – (and regularly bestow dignity in souls)
Get paid to write
Visit our Compassion Child in Bolivia

Run a 5K (May 9, 2010)
Run The Great Race
Run a half marathon (better get to running?)
Run in the Pittsburgh Marathon  (May 2011 last leg relay runner – Justice Run)

Visit my brother in France (Yeah!  April 2010)
Marry Paul and have a couple of kids:)
Go hunting (with the Gerwigs:) or anyone who will take me!
Take a hot air balloon ride

Head back to Hawaii, this time with Paul
Hike the Grand Canyon
Read a million books
Finish my Masters

Return Whitewater Rafting Trip
Raise our kids to love Jesus and people
Be on the Today’s Show (Just in the crowd -high aspirations, ya’ll!)
Memorize a book of the Bible
Not be a jerk

Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Teach incredible kids
Fight injustices (and never stop)
Save a life

13 thoughts on “My Big List

  1. oh i’m totally taking you hunting. oh yes. i’m super pumped now. its gonna be sweeeet. =)

  2. whooohoo! i am so excited! it’s a plan, girl.

    i almost included skydiving, but still working up the courage to put it on the list.

    go you.

    • GO SKYDIVING! it’s THE BEST! Come on, you put “fight injustice and never stop” and you can’t throw yourself out of a little airplane? I think the injustice gig will take more guts. Plus, I know you have it in you.

      • Oh, Court. Somehow, I knew you would say that. It’s just like you. UGHHHH!!!!!

        Have you done it?

        All I have is nausea when I even think about it. Before I go skydiving, I have to go back to Costa Rica with Paul and zipline. I couldn’t do it then, but do have the guts in me now. I think.

  3. Kristin,
    I would LOVE for the first one on the list to be crossed off 😉
    By the way I think the last one on the list should be crossed off because Jesus did use you to save my life from the darkness. Oh! In my opinion if you can’t be a jerk for more than 24 hours without feeling bad you are one. But the Kristin I know can’t even be one for more than an hour so maybe that can be crossed of as well~~ Girl~ don’t forget Jesus made you to be human hehehee Love you and Miss you my friend!


    • one of these days, carolyn!

      you’re a sweetheart, by the way. i saw your note on christmas and it made me cry. thanks for the love.

      i still think it’s funny that God threw us together. i’m not too sure if there could be two more different people than you and i, but i love that.

      miss you, girl.

  4. sweet =)
    i’ll go skydiving too =) you can do it!!1

  5. 2010 is our year for a 5K. No matter what. For real. Get pumped! 🙂

  6. Hey Kristin,
    You can come visit tureky and take a hot air balloon ride. There is a place about 4 hours away from me that is pretty famous for it. Cappadoicia is pretty famous for hot air ballons and visiting the old underground churches. You could even visit your brother in France, since it is not to far from me by plane. I would love to help you cross things off of your list 🙂

    • oh, stacey. i would love to just see you. never mind the other amazing stuff. i miss you so much! it seems like forever, forever, forever ago….:(

      some of my favorite memories in life are with you! love you friend!

  7. Hi Kristin,

    Just found your blog again. Lost track of it for awhile. As I was checking out your list it was so cool to see we have a few of the same things on our list. I would love to publish a children’s book. Would be my dream but was always told I wasn’t a good writer. Maybe one day I’ll try:). Swimming with dolphins has always been a dream of mine and hopefully can do it soon with the kids at sea world in FL. You could also do it in Hawaii too and then cross off two things:). So many other things to but had to comment! It’s been awhile we should get together. Think of you every time I’m down in cranberry.

    • very cool, julie! you should write a book! don’t listen to what others have said. one of my goals for this year is to write. i hope that i can keep to it.

      i don’t think we’ve talked since you guys went to florida the last time. (too long ago!) when you’re in the area, stop by! the kids would love it and we could use some catching up.

      please call or email. i mean it!

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