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Hey Guys-

Paul left today with our Missions Team to Manassas, VA. (Sad face, mine.) I hated to see him go, but love that God will do brilliant things in and through everyone involved. I’ll meet up with everyone on Friday to help out with a Leadership Conference in D.C.

The following is a prayer guide that we’ve created for our Team. We would really love if you prayed with us on a daily basis. I’ll keep you updated if you care:) Thanks!

Much Love,

Here goes:

Pray for safe travel for the team, including Rob who is flying into D.C. Pray as they receive their responsibilities for the week. (Already prayers answered:) Pray that they start making connections with team members of other groups.

Pray for the team as they head to their ministry projects. The team will be working with many special needs children. Pray that the students are challenged as they serve so that their faith grows. Pray that they work humbly, hard, and without complaints. Pray for meaningful connections to be made with those whom they serve.

Pray that God deepens relationships. Pray for our students and leaders to see opportunities that are available to them, even when it feels like there are roadblocks. The students will have Tuesday evening free to spend as a youth group, so pray that they have safety and a great time of team building.

The students will continue the projects at their sites. Pray that they will see God clearly at work in their service to Him. Pray for individuals to come to Christ. Pray for students to be challenged in the morning and evening programs and through personal devotions.

Pray for the teams to complete the work that they began at the sites. Pray for good attitudes and energy to get through the last full day of ministry. Pray for Abby and Heather as they travel back to PA in the evening.

Pray that the team makes it to the conference safely. Pray for safe travel for Aprille and Kristin as they drive to D.C. to meet up with the team. Pray that God deepens relationships with Himself, as the team is challenged by the first evening message.

Pray for the team as they attend seminars, learning labs, and an evening message. Pray that they are challenged to “Be” the people whom God has created them to be.

Pray for continued growth in Christ. Today the students will be challenged to “Love” those whom God has called us to love. Pray that God is honored in worship. Also pray for Aprille and Christin as they travel back Sunday night.

Pray for the team as the conference concludes. Today, the focus will be “Serve.” Pray that all will leave this week changed and affected for a lifetime of discipleship. Pray for safety as the remaining team members travel back.

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