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How we Met Court (Marathon Relay 2012) Part II



This is the second post in a series about our marathon relay this year (Part I is here.)  Because I have issues with being concise and I have Ellsworth in my blood, this has nothing to do with running and everything to do with a little camp in New Hampshire and a friend I met there.  This year, our run is raising money for this friend.  (That’s her on the left.)  I call her Court and this is how we met….

It was here where I really got the love of God for me. 

In a rec hall, with voices maxed out, foot stomping, guitar strings breaking, hands clapping and “I Saw the Light.”  Sitting in pajama pants and a t-shirt, cross legged on our cabin’s roof, hearing of an authentic love. 

And I came to life here;  laughing and running around that lake and getting ruined by a Savior’s deep love for the mess that was me. 

It was what I dreamed about from the moment I unpacked my bags as a ten year old. Going back and becoming a counselor one day and living my summers on that very lake.  And doing so with my closest friends.  And so we did. 

But counselor jobs were hard to come by.  Getting paid to take care of kids and have the time of your life?  So we scooped ice cream and fried onion rings in a snack shack for a year and grueled in the kitchen for another year. 

We served up wicked Baked Alaskas and washed a million dishes and hauled massive food orders and cooked for hundreds and got locked in the walk-in freezer. 

But we earned our keep in that rickety cabin, screendoor slamming and a couple feet away from the lake. 

We became counselors the next year.  Had our own cabins in the woods.  Jumped off of buildings, dressed up in camo for Persecution, led devotions, played greased watermelon, chased kids, made pyramids, wrote letters home, and found friendship. 

It was here on the docks of the lake where we got to know Courtney.  Every day, in the sun, whistles around our necks, canoe wars, and backstroke and freestyle.  Staying up all night and weekend trips to LL Bean and driving around in the black hearse, which was (for real) our camp vehicle.

And it was impossible not to love this girl. 

Fiery.  Courageous.  Passionate.  Real.  Fiercely devoted.  Beautiful. 

But this is just the story of how we met.  That’s not even the half of it.

2 thoughts on “How we Met Court (Marathon Relay 2012) Part II

  1. you are one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. God certainly blessed us like crazy when He brought us all together for those years. He saved my life many times over at that place.
    love you v

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