Chase Fireflies

Tuesday’s Riches: Friendship


31 years after we met on the playground in 1st grade

they play together;  our kids, almost 1st graders themselves

and as we talk, women now; our dreams at 11 and 17 and 25 have come true;
we catch our girls talking and they could have been there for hours. 

and we have said goodbye for israel, turkey, korea, china, thailand, brazil, india;  miles between
and now only a  car drive apart

and who would have known about so much good but our God of good; 
  the unexpected, undeserved, unrelenting riches of God.

Love you, H

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Riches: Friendship

  1. So awesome that you got together with a wonderful friend! Amazing how God works it all out that you got to spend a day together and you’re not too far apart now! 🙂

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