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20 St Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids



Since 3 out of 4 of us were on antibiotics for Valentine’s Day, we didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate.  And one of my fave things about being a mom is celebrating!!!!!!  So, we are doing up St Patrick’s Day big!   Here is our quick list of random fun ideas for kiddos.  My favorite is #10!  Please add your own!!!!

St Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids:

1.  Color milk green and eat Lucky Charms!
2.  Make Rice Krispy treats green and cutout shamrocks. 
3.  Create leprechaun mischief .  Color the toilet bowl green, have your kids wake up in their siblings’ beds (thanks for the idea, Michelle!), turn things upside down, dress up your pet, etc.

4.  Learn about the life of St Patrick.  (What a biography!)
5.  Enjoy a shamrock shake from McD’s or make a knockoff.
6.  Make Thin Mint Truffles.

7.  Dip ice cream sandwiches in green sprinkles for an easy snack.
8.  Hide gold coins in a sandbox to dig for a pot of gold.
9.  Create Rainbow Fruit Skewers.

10.  Have a Treasure Hunt:  Hide 17 numbered shamrocks.  Have each shamrock correspond with a paper bag of goodies.  (We did this last year for the kids and they LOVED it!)  We bought a couple of small necessary items that the kids needed anyway (socks, underwear, hair elastics),  and the rest we found around the house/pantry – random green goodies like packs of gum, fruit snacks, a can of green beans:), a Thin Mint box, green fruit roll ups, dollar bills, etc.)  Have the kids go on a treasure hunt and then redeem their shamrocks for surprises. 

11.  Paint rainbows and shamrocks on their faces. 
12.  Garnish breakfast with kiwi slices in a shamrock shape.  Garnish dinner with a green pepper slice.
13.  Dress in green from head to toe.

14.  Eat only green – green smoothies, grapes, celery, green apples, kiwi, green eggs, salad… 
15.  Paint nails green. 
16.  Play learning games (we’ll be graphing, playing word bingo, etc.) with rainbow Skittles

17.  Make heart/shamrock stamps out of potatoes.  Play hot potato.  Eat baked potatoes.

18.  Read a book about St Patrick’s Day!  We love:  St Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting, Mary McLean and the St Patrick’s Day Paradeby Steven Kroll, and The Story of St Patrick’s Dayby Patricia Pingry. 

19.  Make Lucky Charm Snack Mix. YUM!!!!!
20.  Use the shamrock to talk about the Trinity of God.

What is your favorite St Patrick’s Day Idea for Kids? 

4 thoughts on “20 St Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids

  1. I LOVE your ideas! This is exactly what I was looking for today 🙂 So, now at midnight I’m making shamrocks for a treasure hunt to add to my creative ideas. I love the girls’ excitement over celebrating holidays!

    • so glad you could use the treasure hunt! i was up late too with all the silly leprechaun mischief! celebrating holidays with kids is just the BEST THING EVER. love it:) enjoy every moment!

  2. I love the innocence of children. Those silly Leprechauns were busy again. My favorite was the rigging up of some green laden coffee filters around the water dispenser spigot from the fridge. The kids were ecstatic over the green water. Love watching them go crazy over the unexpected 🙂

    • michelle – you are endlessly creative!!!!! you amaze me! your kids are so blessed to have you as their mom. i am blessed to know you as well:) love ya!

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