Chase Fireflies

Tuesday’s Riches

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Come with this day.  The waking up alive to coffee and a giggling child.  There is overcoming fear in the pool today and it  is no small victory.  The tears are huddled in the eyes but the torrents are not. 

Running a couple of miles without pain – just the joy of one step after another and worshipping in sweat and tears around a track. 

Hearing a good prognosis; my mom’s laughter; a child’s questions.  Getting a haircut for the one who giggles and looking in the mirror thinking BEAUTIFUL.  A fluffernutter in the park. 

Feeding animals, so gently, palm out flat.  Sliding into laughter in what shouldn’t be spring air yet.  Celebrating with rainbow sherbet. 

Studying and learning, reading and growing.  How do we solve the problems and sound out the words.  Cleaning and taking care of what has been gifted to us from a Gracious Hand.  Folding warm clothes out of the drier. 

An NBA basketball game starring a 4 year old in a worn Celtics jersey and mesh shorts right there in our living room. 

There is so much beauty in Tuesday for the taking.  He has gifted us with glory here.   

May we I have eyes to see it all, respond with joy, and lift up the dripping child – the ice cream – the biopsy reports – the clean towel – to the One who deserves every praise.

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