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Fun Girl Hair – That’s All


I’m still learning how to fix a little girl’s hair.  I am a ponytail kinda girl when I do my hair.  When I don’t do my hair, it’s the old Red Sox hat.  Alas, the little one has been been pouring over hairstyles in books and magazines. 

So this is one of our most recent favorites.  We split Selah’s hair into random segments and created little braids.  Once her hair was completely braided, we bobby pinned it all up and all over the place in every direction.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the back.  It was super cute and fun! 

In any event, we got to take in an awesome college basketball game that day as a family.  Great seats.  Great atmosphere.  Great win.  But what mattered most to Selah was her hair:)  It helps me to remember that it’s the little things.  Always, the little things.

2 thoughts on “Fun Girl Hair – That’s All

  1. Selah looks so pretty! I just thought I’d share a cute site with you that I sometimes use for hair ideas for Lexi. 🙂

    • thanks, leah! i will check that out! these girls and their hair:)! i definitely spend more time on selah’s than i do on my own. yikes!

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