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The Storybook Bible for Kids

There has been a lot of buzz about this children’s Bible.  And it is all credible. 

We love this telling of the story of God!  Selah cannot get enough of this Bible, which is awesome.  We will read multiple chapters at a time and she will beg to read more. 

Tonight the Storybook Bible won out over Barbie Mermaid Adventure – now that is saying something!  It makes me smile:)  The kids have both asked so many questions.  This book has prompted them. 

It is age-appropriate and beautifully narrated.  Every chapter points to our need for a Redeemer.  It explains tough concepts and allows children to think.  I would highly recommend this Bible for family devotions, for Christian school teachers or Sunday School teachers, for grandparents, etc. 

As a mom, I couldn’t love it more!


Table Top Wall Lettered Art: My Favorite Christmas Gift

I married a guy who can do it all – I do believe! 

Paul took a tabletop from Ikea ($10), designed my favorite verse, sent it to a print shop to make into vinyl, and applied it himself.  Wow! 

This thing is HUGE!  We have yet to hang it in our enormous wall on our stairway, but it’s going to look great.  I can’t wait to walk down the stairs to see these words every morning. 

What an encouragement!