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Pittsburgh Kids of Steel Exercise Program


I’m not sure what I love most about this program:

the goal setting
the exercise
the healthy food challenge
the chance to cross a finish line
The Kids of Steel Program encourages children to run a full marathon in the course of 18 weeks.  Every time the child goes running, the distance is logged on a chart.  The last mile of the 26 takes place at a Kids Fun Run on Marathon weekend. 

Participating children receive a t-shirt, a medal upon crossing the finish line, a certificate, a bag of goodies, and most of all – the confidence that they can attain what seems like an unreachable goal. 

In conjunction with the Kids of Steel Program is the Steel Taste Program.  For this, children taste 60 of 100 healthy foods and mark it off on a checklist.  It’s perfect for picky eaters!  (My kids will do anything for a check on a chart.)  Selah had her first salad tonight with delight!  She was so proud.  (As was her momma.)

If you are local and end up doing this, let me know.  Would love to go on training runs together!

5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Kids of Steel Exercise Program

  1. We have a similar program here and I think it’s awesome! Although I don’t think it has the food aspect, which is such a great idea! I’ve wanted to do it with my kids school but alas that will will not be happening since we’re moving. Are you guys going to do it when your kids are able?

    • selah is enrolled in the program. she walked/ran a mile and a half today!!!! she was so proud! she needs a confidence builder like this. the little brother is not officially participating, but running just as much (if not more.)

      i’ve enjoyed seeing pics of your kids in the past, participating in runs. they are always beaming with pride!

      sam and brooklyn might not have the chance to do the program, but THEY’RE GOING TO LIVE IN AFRICA!!!! they are going to have a million incredible experiences. excited for you all!

  2. We are doing this with our 2 older girls…10 years old & 8 years old. Would love to meet somewhere to run sometime 🙂

    • very cool, erica! that would be great! not sure if selah’s little legs could keep up, but she would sure love to run with older girls. they would be an encouragement/challenge for her. let’s plan something when the weather gets warmer!

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