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Valentine’s Day (or any day) Small and Inexpensive Gift Idea


Selah is a gift giver like her dad.  You never really know what she’ll come up with to give away – handmade picture frames, mosaics, bars of soap, necklaces.  When she saw this idea in an American Girl Magazine, she was all over it. 

It’s a toilet paper roll stuffed with little treats and packaged with tissue, scrapbook paper, and ribbons.  She wanted to stuff them with chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  But we came up with all kinds of ideas for:

Birthdays – balloons to blow up, confetti, a card, a candle, and candy
Snowy Days –  marshmallows and a hot chocolate packet, warm socks, paper for paper snowflakes
Random I Love You Gifts – little notes of love and Hershey’s kisses
Get Well Packages – bandaids, tea packets, Bible verses of encouragement, dried soup package, tissues
Friend Get Togethers – stickers, a necklace, lip gloss

We spent a great afternoon making these packages together.  They cost nothing with what we had on hand, they will be super cute little gifts for others, and they were simple ways to encourage her heart of giving.  It’s a win win all around!

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day (or any day) Small and Inexpensive Gift Idea

  1. What a CUTE idea! This sounds like something Grace would like to do, too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • sure. it’s something small, but cute. we really enjoyed making them!

      give grace a hug from us!

      • Will give her a hug! 🙂 We didn’t make it to church (again). Trying to keep everyone healthy – especially the hubby. Can’t go into any details, but could you pray? Thanks!

      • And an update to this is that everything with my husband is good. It’s so nice to get a clear bill of health, especially after worrying for a month or so about something serious. Misdiagnosis was such a blessing! 🙂

      • oh emily. i am so happy for you guys. thank you for updating us. it must be such a relief for all of you. now to give God much praise:) hoping to see you this next week!

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