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Enjoying Life After Christmas and Castle Weekend (Prayer Request)

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This week has been lovely….

Not often getting out of my pajamas
Swimming with the kids
Time spent with Paul

Back to running
Laughing over new games
Rearranging our home
Sleeping in

Tomorrow we head away for our annual Castle Retreat. Paul’s been busy planning forever to have teenagers and college students and beyond descend upon a castle for a weekend away.

Would love if you would take a minute to pray for the following:

Students hearts to be receptive and open to God’s leading.
Relationships to be built and centered around Christ.
All of the details to come together.
A safe weekend for everyone.
That God would be honored in our speaker, worship, games, hanging out, prayer room, room assignments, late night talks, meals together, movies, everything. 

I am really anxious to see what God will do.  Happy New Year’s Friends!  Thanks for praying!

Anything I can be in prayer for?  Email me.  Thanks!

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