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The Cards in the Tree (A Christmas Gift Idea)


Every Christmas morning, there are two envelopes hidden somewhere in our tree.  One for Paul and one for me.  But neither are really for us, which is the cool part. 

They are gifts given somewhere around the world, on behalf of the other. 

The hurt is there.  The hunger is there.  The injustice is there. 

But greater is He in us than he who is in the world.

The opportunity is 0urs.  To heal, to feed, to love in His name.  Because He first loved us. 

Maybe the person receiving the envelope is an educator.  Give books on their behalf.  If a pastor, give a Bible.  If a counselor, give aftercare counseling.  If a cook, give food.  Extend their heart and passion around the world. 

So here are some ideas, ya’ll.  Give and love much. 

Gifts of Freedom:  IJM Holiday Gift Catalog

Equip Churches to Seek Justice $25
Urgent Aftercare Package for a Trafficking Survivor  $40
Legal Representation $65 
Bicycle for a Former Slave $72
Transform a Life with a Scholarship $330

Gifts of Compassion:  Compassion International Gift Catalog

Soccer Ball for $13
Art Supplies for $20
Clean Water $25
5 Ducks for $30
Dental Care $38

These two organizations are just ones we have worked with in the past.  I love them and wholeheartedly believe in their work.  But there are countless like them.  If you know of other worthy organizations, I would love to hear of them here.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “The Cards in the Tree (A Christmas Gift Idea)

  1. Kristin, is the orphanage we visited in Haiti. They have lots of ways to give, and we have seen first hand the work they do there.


    • thanks, michele! i just checked the site out! i had no idea they had so many ways to donate. and i have confidence knowing that you all saw and participated in the INCREDIBLE work being done there.

      do you follow brittany’s blog? i am always encouraged and challenged by her posts.

  2. I’ve done this many times, especially when giving a gift to someone who really has everything or simply doesn’t need anything I can possibly give them. At work (I’m a nurse who works for a large group of doctors) we chip in and make a donation every year on their behalf, rather than give them all useless trinkets. This year we chose March of Dimes since one of our nurses had her baby prematurely at 30 weeks.

    I also give to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Their website has a way you can make an honorary or memorial gift, but they also have their Hope Gift shop. I many times buy stocking stuffers and gifts from there, because 100% of the proceeds from the gift I buy someone else goes to St. Jude.

    Last year my husband gave “me” a goat in a third world country through Oxfam. Another great organization.

    I love your idea even better, a gift appropriate to the recipient, which takes all of this one step further. As you put so well, “Extend their heart and passion around the world”. Beautiful!

    • helen,

      thank you for commenting! love the idea of getting together co-workers for a donation. it is sooo much better than trinkets… going to a worthy cause.

      thank you for the ideas of st jude’s and oxfam. i never knew they had a hope gift shop. i can’t wait to check it out!

      and by the way, your husband deserves a lot of credit. the goat idea is a great one! it would be a great conversation starter as well:)

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