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Red Letter Words (Canvas Art: A Christmas Gift Idea)


Last year, I happened upon Red Letter Words: Faith Inspired Art. 

As soon as I saw her site, I loved her work.  I especially loved the word of God – like this canvas art and this greeting card set for youth group girls.  But then I wondered if she could design a custom print for me – one of all of the places God has allowed us to serve since Paul and I got married.

So I contacted her, placed an order, and she was sooooo sweet about creating this canvas.  The cool thing was – she was just as excited about this idea as I was!  She was great to work with, personable, and a complete blessing.  

This was the only Christmas present that I almost could not wait to give Paul.  It hangs in our home so that we see it every time we head out the door.  It’s a reminder of how God has been faithful through ordinary us (even though we are I am terribly inept at times!)  It also helps us to remember the missionaries still serving at each location.

Now I need another good idea for him.  Anyone?  What have been some of your favorite Christmas gift ideas?

2 thoughts on “Red Letter Words (Canvas Art: A Christmas Gift Idea)

  1. I think you helped me find a christmas present for Brookie for NEXT year! I am trying to find some smallish things to bring with us to give them for Christmas next year and the cards with she is more precious than rubies, would be perfect in a frame for her room! Thanks!

  2. very cool, court. i really love those cards! and framing them is a great idea that i may use myself too!

    you are thinking long term…. oh my word. so excited to hear all that God is going to do through your family. love you much, friend! thank you for being incredible you:)

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