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Turkey Cookies: Kids in the Kitchen


If you’re looking for a last minute kids’ contribution to the Thanksgiving spread, this may be the one. 

Grab random cookies from your pantry. 
Find something that can substitute for feathers and eyes.
Attach everything with the yummiest adhesive there is – melted chocolate chips.  (Not that I regularly ingest and rate adhesives.)

Now send the little fingers to work, sneaking candy and laughing.  They will be busy. 

And it may get messy.  Allow for it! 

You will now have time to concoct whatever Thanksgiving dish you need to prepare. 

And sooner or later, they’ll have concocted Turkey Cookies that will appeal to the small crowd at the feast. 


3 thoughts on “Turkey Cookies: Kids in the Kitchen

  1. your post made me chuckle – I’m glad you don’t regularly ingest and rate adhesives. 🙂 made me think of my “tasting” paste when I was in elementary school, lol

    • tasting paste? did you eat glue? emily!!!!!

      happy thanksgiving! enjoy your day with your family! sounds like you have a long night ahead of you!

      • yes, I did in fact eat glue as a kid. 🙂 it was the paste that was in those cups and it tasted as good as it smelled. of course, i didn’t eat lots of it, just tasted every once in a while.

        We had a great Thanksgiving! My turkey night was very long, but I’ll be writing about that in a blog post soon. 🙂

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