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A Balloon Popping Game: An Anytime Celebration for Kids

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What could be better than balloons and candy and popping said balloons to smithereens? 

We tried this game for my nephew’s 2nd birthday and it was quite the hit!  For all five children six and under! 

Get balloons, squeeze candy inside, blow them up, and duct tape in any design you would like.  We made ours into a shape of a pumpkin.  You could make a tree for Christmas, a heart for Valentine’s day, a shamrock for St Patty’s Day, or an initial for some one’s birthday. 

My sister in law found the initial idea on Pinterest.  The original idea had children throwing darts at random balloons, but we didn’t think that would end well for our boys, so we modified to use pushpins.  The kids drew a number, popped the selected balloon, and gathered up their spoil. 

And if it was an Aunt Ashley balloon, there was some serious spoil!   If you need to know how to squeeze 7 candy bars into 1 balloon, ask her.  I still don’t know how she did it!

Let me know if you give this a try!

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