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Make Your Own Feather Hair Accessories


The whole feather fad is kind of beyond me.  I must be getting old:)  Our six year old, however, is all about the feathers.  So much so, that she convinced her Dad to purchase a swanky feathered hair clip for $8.00.  (They split the cost.) 

She was soooooo excited about her hair clip.  Though she took good care of it, that clip broke not 24 hours later.  Amazing Dad that he is, Paul fixed it.  And it broke again.  And again.  Selah was devastated, times three. 

I tried to find an online tutorial about how to make these, but couldn’t find one anywhere.  So we figured it out.  Our feathered clips are much sturdier (especially for little hands) and were super cheap.  Our daughter has short hair, so we made her clips rather small.  You can adjust accordingly with simple jewelry extensions. 

How To Make Your Own Feather Hair Accessories:

Supplies:  bag of feathers from Michaels ($1.99 for a million), hot glue, glue gun, clips (we used some she already had), EZ crimp jewelry piece package ($2 change with a coupon)

1.  Choose complimentary feathers. 
2.  Glue the stems of the feather onto an e-z crimp piece.
3.  (Optional) Add jewelry extensions as necessary.
4.  Glue or attach extender to the clip.
5.  Wear proudly:).

***As a side note, we had a great mother daughter bonding time  making these.  So no matter how silly I think they are/look… I would have to say that it was very well worth it.***

3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Feather Hair Accessories

  1. Aww, I’m so glad you two had a great bonding time! I don’t get the feather in the hair thing either, really. 🙂

    I would LOVE to make something with Grace for her hair, but she doesn’t really like things in her hair. 😦 I was always excited about having a daughter so I could do crazy/fun things with her hair, but alas, she is not into getting her hair fixed.

    • aww… that is too bad. maybe she’ll come around? selah doesn’t always let me do things with her hair, but when she does it’s fun. we pretend hairdresser a lot around here. the trick is to go out in public with my new styles:)

  2. The styles I have seen in her hair are adorable! 🙂 At least you get the chance to do some things with Selah. 🙂

    Maybe playing hairdresser with Grace might encourage her some… I’ll have to see if she’s interested in that!

    Praying for you and your mom and your family!

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