Chase Fireflies

A DIY Sweet Halloween Candy Wreath

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Are you picky about your candy?  We are in this house.  Reese Peanut Butter Cups are diamonds.  Now or Laters, not so much.  The sticky tacky stuff makes me think dentist’s drill.  The hard stuff makes me think choking hazard.  (I have issues?) 

Nevertheless, we eat candy.  I reward with candy.  And I get rid of candy shamelessly.  We had a ton of candy leftover from Selah’s birthday party pinata, so we decided to make it into a wreath.  I have no idea why we put it on a wreath, but it seemed like a fun way to get ready for Halloween. 

If you’re looking for a way to welcome your princesses, goblins, and angry birds, this wreath might just be for you.  Or if you simply need to get rid of the stuff that no one will eat, well then it’s an idea too.  Our kids went crazy over making this.  Crazy.  But quite possibly that was just the sugar high kicking in:)

What kind of candy is gold to you?  Do you enjoy dressing up for Halloween?  Or do you prefer welcoming your neighbors?  I have to say.  I really love both!

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