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Corn Husk Dolls for Kids (A Laura Ingalls inspired craft)

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Selah’s taking a big liking to the Laura Ingalls series.  For us who have much, I love the perspective of the pioneer life. Simplicity, family togetherness, gratefulness, and hard work. 

In Little House in the Big Woods, Laura has one doll – “a corncob wrapped in a handkerchief, but it was a good doll.  It was named Susan.”  Corncob dolls were popular in pioneer days, because they were easy to make and because corncobs were plentiful. 

I was really surprised at how much both of the kids enjoyed making these.  It makes for a great lesson in thankfulness.  Let me know if you give them a try. 

To make a corncob doll:

1.  Remove the husks and silk from the ear of corn and set them aside to dry.
2.  Cut the raw kernels off, scrub with soap and water, and dry.  (Ours took a day in the sun.)
3.  Soak the cornhusk in warm water and dry.  Wrap around the cob and tie. 
4.  Draw a face on the husk, add hair (use corn silk, husk, or yarn) and wrap with a handkerchief.   
      adapted from My Little House Crafts Book, by Carolyn Collins and Christina Eriksson

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