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Apple Smile Snacks (Easing Anxiety for the 1st Dentist Visit)

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Does this picture completely freak you out?  Cause I’ll admit that it gives me the creeps.  But somehow, these Apple Smile Snacks took the fear out of a dentist visit for our kids. 

As you can see, it’s apple slices with peanut butter (as the adhesive) and mini marshmallows.  Super easy.  Super fun.  We made them the morning of our dentist appointment.  I found the idea listed as a Halloween treat here.   

Here’s the Little Man trying to hold it all together.  For the most part, he did great;  faring better than the hygienist actually.  (He grit his teeth, locking her fingers inside.)

All in all, the Apple Smile snack worked.  Not one tear was shed.  Neither child bolted.  And the hygenist managed to keep all of her fingers.  We were all much more relieved to be walking out, rather than in. 

In addition to the apple snack, these books are also helpful to reduce initial anxiety. 

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