Chase Fireflies

An ABC Treasure Hunt


It started out as a treasure hunt for signs of fall. 
I found pumpkins, red leaves, and my toes frozen in flipflops. 

She found an “L.” 

 A “P” for Park.

An “S” for Selah.

A “Y” for her most frequently asked question.

And a little brother pitching a pinecone no hitter in the post season. 

(I like their imagination much better.)

***On a side note, the ABC Treasure Hunt makes me think of Alphabet City, by Stephen Johnson – a favorite!  ***

2 thoughts on “An ABC Treasure Hunt

  1. okay here it is. Move to W. Africa with me and homeschool my kids. Please.

    • awww court. i love you. you are always such an encourager!

      what are the plans for you guys? email me. gosh, if you move there, we just might have to visit.

      I LOVE HOW YOU ARE PURSUING YOUR DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to hear what is going on. you inspire me so much more than you know.

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