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Re-purposed: DIY Autumn Wreath with Felt Flowers


Up till yesterday, there was a life saving device hanging up in our hallway.  It had the word “Welcome” on it, which was odd on a buoy ring.   Equally bizarre was that it was a decoration in our well inland home. 

Alas, it was time for the misplaced welcome buoy to come down.  I thought I might re-purpose it into an autumn wreath and I really love the outcome.  It cost $3 change, which I like even better.  The supplies were purchased at Michael’s with online coupons and a 15% off teacher discount. 

I wrapped the buoy tightly with an understated color of yarn and hot glued it in place.  For the flowers, I used a quarter of a package of Feltworks multi-color Roving Rolls.  The rolls were unwrapped, cut in half lengthwise, rolled into flowers, and hot glued also.  I really like the re-purpose!

4 thoughts on “Re-purposed: DIY Autumn Wreath with Felt Flowers

  1. Cute! Nice job and great prices!! Did you find this on pinterest? I am so addicted to that site! 🙂

    • thanks, emily! i didn’t find it on pinterest, but there are plenty of wreaths on there i am sure. (i love the site also:)

      i didn’t really know what i was doing, but i liked the way it turned out nonetheless:) it’s kind of fun to experiment!

  2. Cute Cute! I’m thinking of trying the felt flowers for my next one. I bet your wreath is a lot stronger than mine. I used plumbing foam from home depot and cut it and duck taped it. It was extremely cheap (50 cents per wreath) but it’s flimsy. I wonder if i wrapped more yarn on it if it would be sturdier. I’ll have to see next time. Love the acorns too. I was thinking of making them too. I LOVE PINTEREST!!!! my next project is coasters on tile from home depot. 🙂

    • plumbing foam is a great idea. it’s okay if it’s flimsy – as long as it’s cute! you can’t tell from your pictures that it wouldn’t hold up.

      looking forward to seeing your next project! sounds great:) you amaze me!

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