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A Little Girl’s Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Party

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Here is what six looks like.  With friends, dresses, ruffles, braids, bows, and Rapunzel everything.   

Here is what the easiest cake ever looks like.  Donuts tossed on a dowel rod cut to size.  The rod is positioned in playdough in two bundt pans.  A little random frosting drizzle and a top made of two cupcakes and an upside down ice cream cone finished it all off.  Cupcakes were made for the guests and decorated with silk flowers. 

 Rapunzel’s Donut Tower

Here is “Pin the Pan on Flynn Rider,” a game idea  found here

Pin the Pan on Flynn Rider

Here is the free homemade piniata, constructed with an oatmeal container, a cardboard piece shaped to size like a cone,  some paint, tissue paper, and a glue gun.  If you make this, just make sure you secure the candy in there well.  Ours sort of fell out before the first hit, which was pretty funny. 

Once the candy was stuffed back and taped in though, everyone seemed to have a good time with the batting practice and no children or piniata holders on chairs were maimed in the process.

Rapunzel’s Castle Piniata

Here are the Pascal Party Blowers that we completely forgot to distribute.  (That’s a me thing to do.)  The kids helped me make them and I do believe this was their favorite prep for the party.  The template can be found on Disney’s website here

Party Blowers

Here are the party favors.  Since Rapunzel  Selah paints in all of her free time, we thought it was a perfect thank you for coming to the party.  The template is one already created, found here. 

Party Favors:  Watercolor Paints

Here are the thank you cards.  We made them from an inexpensive pack of blank cards, but cardstock would work just as well.  With some leftover yarn, Selah worked on the braids and I attached them with glue dots. 

Rapunzel’s Braid Thank You Cards

And here, on this keyboard, is a tired momma still smiling because the little girl (and her little brother) LOVED the party so much that they are still talking about it.  That makes it all worthwhile!

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