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Back to School Cupcakes: Kids in the Kitchen


Can you tell that I’m trying to get the kids excited about school?  Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to eat cupcakes?  Or maybe we were looking for a way to finally welcome our new school age neighbors?  Whatever the reason, these Back to School cupcakes were a huge hit with everyone!

I’ve been attempting to have the kids help me in the kitchen more and more lately.  Selah is learning some practical skills.  Adden is learning to get everything everywhere.  They made these little guys with direction and I did the gel decorating work. 

For ease, we used a box mix and canned frosting.   For decorating, I used black decorator gel  to put the kids’ grade levels on the fig newton books.   However, Adden insisted that his “P” was not for Preschool, but for the Pirates.  I tried.

Also, the small rectangular thing is supposed to resemble a calculator, but it looks more like a domino.  We used Pez candies to make it, with icing dots.  While the girls were decorating, we were not paying attention to the little Pirate, who happened to be quietly consuming an entire package of Pez refills (upwards of fifty candies).  Adden scores every time with my negative observational skills.

Anyway, we found the idea on Family Fun and adapted it.  Here are the ingredients we used:  cake mix, white frosting, cupcake liners (optional), black gel, Fig Newtons, Pez candy, Red runts apples (for pennies, we got a dozen apples from the grocery store bulk candy isle), and a green Fruit Roll Up.

4 thoughts on “Back to School Cupcakes: Kids in the Kitchen

  1. Those looks so tasty and Cute! 🙂 Sorry I haven’t commented in a while! Enjoy your last weekend before school! Are you homeschooling again this year and are you ready?

    • thanks, emily. no apologies necessary:) we had a great last weekend away. paul and i celebrated our 10th anniversary with a little retreat. and yes, i am homeschooling again this year and excited about it. we have been creating a classroom for this purpose and it’s looking great:) i’m ready in terms of logistics, but have a few last minute cosmetic details for the schoolroom. hope you guys have a great school year!

      • Happy 10th Anniversary! 🙂 Glad you two had a great weekend away! Those are always so nice, refreshing and wonderful!

        You’ll have to post pictures of your school room! I love to see other’s school rooms! Our school room is our kitchen, but it works. Some day I would love to use a room in the basement (which needs finished before that ever happens). Have a wonderful day!

      • thanks, emily. i will post pictures soon. it is still in progress, but it’s looking better (and more functional) every day.

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