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Traveling With Kids: Ideas for Preschoolers

We make a good many car trips with our kids.  Six hours.  Twelve.  Twenty-two. 

Driving with a small child causes me to twitch, stutter, and spasm.  I find little to no redemptive value in it until we make the final unbuckle at our destination. 

That being said, it is a necessity to get from Point A to Point B.  And it would be awesome if we could get there with laughter and grace, with little dreams still soaring above the clouds.  (And not devising escape routes.) 

Now our drives certainly leave some to be desired.  (Make sure you know what an officer does to pull you over.  He will put his lights on and follow you for miles, even though there may be no siren involved.) 

But all in all, our drives are much better than they used to be.  Here is what we have done to make long car trips work for us: 


Travel Bags:
Stickers, Masking Tape, and Post it Notes (Anything that sticks is a hit)
Window markers
Notebook Paper
Fine motor activities (such as play-dough or lacing)
Small baggies of snacks
Mini juice boxes or refillable water bottles (fill them up at rest areas)
Paper clips for connecting
Candy (for desparate measures)
Baby wipes
Favorite stuffed animals, pillows, and/or blankets


Other Things You Can Do:

Watch a movie  (We yard-saled for our DVD player)
Listen to books on tape (The library is a great resource.)
Tell pretend stories (Take turns telling outlandish ones.)
Worship together
Give away state bags with state specific goodies
(Include post cards, regional foods, state specific symbols, etc.)


What ideas for traveling with kids have worked for you?