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Summer Memory Books for Kids


With school inching its way up on us, I wanted a way to treasure the memories that we made this summer. 

I am horrible at scrapbooking.  Not that I don’t love it;  I just don’t ever do it.   I am a perfectionist, which often means that I never get anything done without sacrificing a few limbs of my time. 

But I wanted the kids to remember their summer, so we’ve spent time printing pictures, throwing them in an album, and dialoguing their memories. 

There is nothing unique about these books, except that the kids had much ownership in the process.  These books are theirs.  With Selah’s love for artsy things, she adored creating and the time spent together (with both my mom and I.)

We made Adden’s book significantly easier.  He picked his pictures, put them in the sleeves, and then told me what he wanted to say.  Mostly he said, “I love my Dad;  I love the Pirates;  I love  baseball;  I love the Red Sox.”  (For the record, baseball superceded me.)   

I love how their memories are now my memories of a four and five year old summer in the sun.

4 thoughts on “Summer Memory Books for Kids

  1. i love this! selah is beautiful in those wedding pictures! 🙂

    • thanks, leah. we thought she looked pretty cute ourselves. and she played the part well for our shy girl, so we couldn’t have been more proud:)

  2. Kristin,

    I think “playing the part well” is an understatement. Whenever we’re looking at pictures, my Dad always says that Selah totally stole the show. She was amazing. 🙂 We’re honored that she was a part of our wedding day!


    • Laura,

      That’s pretty cute, but not accurate:) If there was a show to steal, you stole it girl. You looked absolutely stunning, because you are. Thank you for allowing her (and us) to be a part of your day. We had so much fun!

      Love ya!

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