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Pittsburgh Area Consignment Sales for Kids: Fall 2011

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I am obsessed with consignment sales.   I LOVE to simplify and declutter.  It’s a lot of work, but more often than not, it’s worth it.  Participating in four sales a year, we usually make anywhere between $150 and $350 at each sale.  That’s a lot of profit for used children’s clothes, toys, furniture, and books.  Most sales also offer the opportunity to donate any unsold items to charitable organizations. 

Besides allowing you to downsize, consignment sales are great places to purchase great kids’ stuff.  Paul and I do not shop at traditional stores anymore, unless we are looking for something specific.  Instead, we buy everything at yard sales and consignment sales.  Purchasing brand name items for less than a dollar, getting good use out of them, and selling them for a few dollars has kind of worked to our benefit. 

If you’re looking for consignment sales in the Pittsburgh area, here is a complete listing for the Fall of 2011.  Happy selling (and shopping, of course!) 

Pittsburgh Area Consignment Sales for Kids:  Fall 2011

August 30 – September 3: An Angel’s Attic (Butler, PA)

September 15 – September 17:  Little Blessings Dressings (Washington, PA)

September 16 – September 18:  Cents and Sensibility Consignments (Indiana, PA)

September 17 – September 20:  Sunflower Sprouts(Wexford, PA)

September 17 – September 24:  Snuggle Bugs Consignment (Pittsburgh, PA)

September 23 – September 25:  Centsible Moms (Dawson, PA)

September 23 – September 25:  Westmoreland Sale for Kids(Westmoreland County, PA)

September 24 – September 25:  Just Between Friends (Pittsburgh, PA)

September  30 – October 1:  Kids Mania (Washington, PA)

If you are not local to the Pittsburgh Area, there is a Kids’ Consignment Sale site that allows you to search for a local sale near you.

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