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Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Kids in the Kitchen

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I had forgotten my love of all things skewer until now.  I don’t know what the appeal is, but they make food fun.  Since Selah has recently decided to oppose fruit, I decided that it was time to bring out the skewer.  Surely bringing a new variation into the diet would be a good thing? 

The kids helped me wash all of the fruit and arrange it into a rainbow.  Selah had much to do with the rainbow idea.  Otherwise, there would be a kiwi pitching to a strawberry and a collision of blueberries at home plate. 

Both of the kids loved putting the fruit on the skewer.  They started with the rainbow idea and then got hitched on patterning the fruit:  blueberry, grape, grape, blueberry, grape grape…

Of course, Adden’s patterning never got very far.  It was more like strawberry, orange, eat.  Strawberry, orange, eat. 

And though I don’t actually have photographs of Selah eating fruit, I swear that she ate it (all except the kiwi.)  And, still claiming that she was opposed to fruit, she devoured her skewer and went back for more.  I guess I won that battle?  (Or possibly, the skewer did.)

What ideas have you tried to get your kids to eat all the good stuff? 

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