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Organizing Kids’ Artwork: 4 Ways to Control the Clutter


It’s kind of funny that I’m writing a post about organization.  My way of organizing is having nothing to organize. I was born to be a minimalist.  Alas, with children, you have to learn to organize.  And I haven’t yet….but I’m getting there. 

One of my biggest struggles is knowing what to do with the kids’ artwork.  Selah acquired mass quantities of artistic ability from her Dad.  She is daily creating new sculptures, mosaics, watercolors, you name it. 

I haven’t always known what to do with the art before, but I think that I’ve finally got a good system working.  Here are some ideas for organizing all of those kid creations. 

Organizing Kids’ Artwork: 

1.  Frame and Display:  Take the time to frame those special pieces.  Repurpose old picture frames with a new coat of paint or buy inexpensive frames at a dollar store.  Display artwork on a wall as a gallery collection or on a ribbon or rope with clothespins. 

2.  Send it Away with Love:  Send away the artwork (signed, of course) to a faraway friend or family member.  Write a special note on the back.  Mailing tubes can be used so as not to “compromise” the piece. 

3.  Establish a Portfolio:  Keep smaller, special pieces of art in plastic sleeves in a binder or in a portfolio.   Take pictures of larger or three-dimensional pieces of artwork.  Print out the photographs and include those in the portfolio. 

4.  Toss on the Sly:  This goes without saying.  If you need to get rid of a piece, don’t let your kids see you.  Even if it’s just scribbled greenery on a commercial coloring page;  it’s dear to them.  Respect their hearts as such.  (It’s always good to take preventative tear crying measures.) 

What do you do to organize kids’ artwork?  I would love more ideas! 

2 thoughts on “Organizing Kids’ Artwork: 4 Ways to Control the Clutter

  1. My oldest is a pack rat. And I swear she knows if just one thing of hers goes missing. I had heard of the idea of taking pictures of whatever it is you want to “keep” and saving it on CD which takes up way less space! Thankfully that worked for her. We were taking pictures of spiral notebooks with kittens on it and anything she wanted, so we could purge her room.

    • janelle! it’s good to hear from you:) that’s really funny about your daughter. i think everyone is a pack rat in my family but me. love the idea of organizing it one step further onto a cd. thanks!

      if you’re ever in this area, stop by! (you know where we live:) would love to catch up again!

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