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Fireworks T-Shirts for Kids: A Fun Summer Art Project


Our kids have had a heaping share of fireworks this year, between those we’ve traveled to see and those we’ve made in our own backyard.  I think Pittsburghers are a little crazy about blowing stuff up. 

Anyhow, these t-shirts make a great summer project for kids.  Selah, our resident artist, got really into making hers.  Even Adden, who would much rather hit a baseball than paint anything, loved it. 

All in all, the project cost just over $3.00.  We got two t-shirts at the dollar store and bought fabric paint at Michaels with a coupon and a sale.  We had pipecleaners at home and paper plates to pour the paint.

The nice thing about this art project is there is no right or wrong way to get it done (perfect for preschoolers).  We poured paint, we dipped pipe cleaners, and we made designs.  I think that’s what the kids loved the most. 

Even today, Adden wore his proudly.  They especially love when people ask about them!  Selah’s favorite line is, “Even you can make them too.”

2 thoughts on “Fireworks T-Shirts for Kids: A Fun Summer Art Project

  1. How cute is that! What a great idea for something easy to do with the kids and to let them create on their own! 🙂

  2. thanks, leah! it’s a good activity for little guys. not so sure about older kids though:) your kids are growing up so fast! love checking your blog for updates on them!

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