Chase Fireflies

Our Summer List of Love

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It’s a little cottage shack down the street from a Cape Cod beach. 

We watched Dukes of Hazard here and I ate Corn Pops and Frosted Flakes.  We were never allowed such decadence.  The grit of sand and sun covered us and the rickety screen door tucked us in for the night. 

Summers were my delight.  We were together.  It was purposed. 

To chase fireflies and build sandcastles;  to tube down the river and pour butter on popcorn. 

Intentional love served in brown paper bags. 

Such is the summer I want for our kids.  Memories made to be photographed and written.  Purposed life in love. 

Here is the list we’ve been scribbling down on a fly leaf notepad paper.  (So far we’ve check-marked the bolded items!)

1.  Treasure Hunt
2.  Movie Night
3.  Mini Golf
4.  Cheer on Daddy in a 5K
5.  Go to the Cabin
6.  Go Kayaking
7.  Picnics at the Park
8.  Zoo – Family Night!

9.  Learn a Language (I’m a teacher.  Can’t help it.)
10.  See the Dora Show
11.  Playing at Isabelle and Jack’s House
12.  Go to the Waterpark
13.  Learn to Bob and Think About Going Down the Big Slide
14.  Dance Class
15.  Create Art
16.  Do our Nails
17.  Put a Hair Wrap in

18.  Go to the Beach!
19.  Go to Idlewild with the Fam
20.  Drive in Theatre
21.  Go to lots of Pirate Games
22.  Library Summer Reading Program
23.  Bike Ride the Trail Together
24.  See Brian and Laura Get Married!!!
25.  Visit all those people we love in Rhode Island
26.  Have a Pajama Day

What’s on your summer list?  I would love suggestions!

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