Chase Fireflies


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So this is the fifth member of our family.

He is an integral part of most days, though he does disappear on occasion for weeks (and months) on end. 

E. T.  has been discovered in a shoe, in a pillowcase, in drawers, in our tens container for school, in cabinets, in cereal boxes, and in a gerbil cage (where he lost a finger and killed a gerbil with the gerbil’s digestion of said finger – at least that was what we surmised).

The kids have recently gotten really into E.T.  They LOVE hiding him for both Paul and I to find!  It’s a ridiculous little family thing, but it makes us smile.  The kids really enjoy scheming.  (Though I’ve had to nix a few plans – like cooking him in Paul’s macaroni and cheese.  Yuck!)

Do you do anything ridiculous in your home to make it a place of laughter? 

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