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We’re at the Senate Level

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Hey guys.

I am heading to our Senator’s office tomorrow to advocate a particular bill called the Child Protection Compact.  As some of you may remember, I met with Congressman Altmire last year for this same purpose.  After consistent pressure, the Congressman decided to cosponsor the bill, which helps it to proceed to the next level. 

To be brief… the bill allocates 30 million dollars over three years to the Trafficking in Persons Office.  Its’ purpose is to prevent and prosecute trafficking and provide aftercare for victims.  It is dispersed through non-governmental organizations like International Justice Mission to select countries who display a willingness to combat the problem.  (I sound like I know what I’m talking about, but don’t be fooled.  I am learning as I go and cramming along the way:) 

I’ll be heading there tomorrow with Pastor Charles, Amy G. (one of our college students), and three other advocates that we have yet to meet.  Please pray that God gives us a clarity of thought, articulation, and wisdom to explain the bill.  We are meeting with the Senator’s chief of staff, so please pray that the significance of the act gets clearly conveyed to Senator Specter.  We are asking for his cosponsorship and praying towards those means.

I believe that God’s heart is so tender towards His children… an unfathomable thought that He could love His children more than I love my own.  I believe that the injustice of trafficking tears  at His heart.  I believe that this pandemic can be abolished in my lifetime with a concerted effort of voices, compassion, justice.

Please, please, please pray with me.  If you knew how tongue tied I can get, how inept I can be, how little I know about politics, you would be appalled.  Pray that God would use me despite me;  all of us despite ourselves. 

Much love and so many thanks,

(And thank you especially to Courtney, who has made me passionate about this issue because she is.  I think the world of you, my friend.  You inspire me more than you know.  I love you!)

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