Chase Fireflies

Going on Ten


This morning is quiet and alive with promise.  I hear the birds singing their praise.  My sterling blue coffee cup is almost empty, which means that I am somewhat awake.  I’ve spent some time in the book of John and all is well. 

The kids are with Paul’s parents for the weekend so that we can celebrate our anniversary.  Whoohoo!  We’re going into our tenth year of marriage.  So crazy, so good!

 It seems like I just heard him share his heart for God with me.  It was the day we first met for the second time.  All of these years since have been him living out that love… to God, me, our families, and world. 

Last week, he confessed that the secret to our marriage is two cups of coffee a day.  He’s totally right.  (Have you seen this woman without her coffee?  It’s a beastly sight, I tell you!)  It’s coffee for me, pizza for him…  and humility, laughter, learning, seeking, and serving Jesus. 

God has taken us to Korea, Costa Rica, Brazil, him to Haiti and the DR, and me to France.  He’s loved on us with amazing family support.  He’s given us two amazing and beautiful kids (and one who found God before the rest of us.)  He gifted us with a home.  He’s blessed us with students who are changing the world.  He’s allowed great joys and many tears. 

I wouldn’t change any of it.  Paul, I love you today more than I ever have.  Thank you for being amazing you:)

2 thoughts on “Going on Ten

  1. Happy Anniversary!! 10 years . . . it goes so fast! God bless!

  2. Thanks, Emily! I know, CRAZY!

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