Chase Fireflies

Scraps of Beauty


This blog I suppose is a good reflection of haphazard me.  Random and all over the place and lost in laundry and buckets of sand.  I left France.  Returned with a post or three.  Ran a race.  Got found by life.  And intend to post more April photos in November or maybe not.

And so it goes….Thank you, friends, for coming along.

For now, I just have to tell you about our yesterday.  The youth group headed to Cedar Point and the kids and I tagged along with Paul.   Practical Me was concerned about over-stimulation and age-appropriate activities, but somehow the Meager Fun Side squashed the Other to smitherines. 

As with any amusement park, there were high thrill rides roaring above us at deafening speeds.  There were moms pushing strollers, eleven year olds dribbling their prized basketballs, and masses of crazed humanity sweating in long lines with slushies.  There were also people who probably should have been wearing clothes.

For Selah and Adden, it was our day together for the sole purpose of play.   They ran and jumped with sunburned grins and arms propelling them from kiddie car to kiddie jeep to kiddie helicopter.  It was all the same circular ride, but from their delight you wouldn’t know it.   

Food fare of the day served up munchkins, hot dogs, fries, pizza, and green Pepsi.  It’s a special day when the watered down daily cup of apple juice gets trumped by green Pepsi.  I have never seen Adden move so many limbs at once after two sips of the good stuff.

There was Snoopy on Ice and Extreme Bikes and Boards.  There was a brave little girl who jumped into her first real roller coaster and climbed out with a trembling lip.  There was even a bird, beak stuffed with fodder for a nest, who came to perch next to us on a bench. 

Maybe I’m emotional (yes).  Maybe I’ve got a thing for birds (oddly so).  Maybe I just really loved our day together (yes, yes, yes).  But in that quiet amidst the crazy moment, we found a bird building a home. 

And it hit me that we were building a home even in this place.  In crazy life together, wherever that may happen.  With this smile and that tear.  With all that we’ve dreamed and nothing like we would have imagined.   From miles away, we were collecting scraps of  beauty amidst relationship. 

Today sure was one fantastic scrap.

2 thoughts on “Scraps of Beauty

  1. That day at Cedar Point sounded like fun! I’ve missed your thoughts on here, but I totally understand about life catching up with you! Take care and chat with you soon!

  2. Yeah! A new post! I had a great time at the Point as well and was glad to share some of those moments with your family 🙂 The kids really make me smile. I’m happy to have a new Snoopy buddy. It was fun to see that stuff through the eyes of your little ones. I loved the whole day. Kids, teens, friends, fun…..all in all a great day.

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