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Tomorrow I Run! Yeah!

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 race for the cure

I’ll run my first 5K tomorrow.  How am I feeling you may ask?  Crazy excited and completely freaked out. 

I’ve done as much training as I have been able, which is to say not much.  One should probably not gallavant to Europe  weeks before the race and train with buttery croissants, chocolates, and 7 course meals. 

Nevertheless, I clocked 30:11 upon my return – my fastest time yet!  Just eleven seconds shy of my goal.  Maybe a new strategy to consider?

Whatever the outcome – I am going to do my best.  I’m running with 35,000 others, the biggest race in all of Pennsylvania.  Yikes!

Here are some of my concerns:

Getting trampled by really long-legged fast people.
Running in a sleepy haze . 
Frostbite – lower 30’s – really, in May?

Disappointing Running Woman (my sister-in-law Ashley- she’s the real runner/my coach!)
Getting lost.  (A valid concern unless I strap a GPS to my body.)  This race better be well marked!
Making it to church on time! 

Parking  (that’s Paul’s concern)
Hurling over the finish line and frightening small children.

Here is why none of them matter:

I am healthy and strong. 
I feel God’s pleasure when I run.  I can worship with each stride.
This run directly supports breast cancer education, screening, research, and treatment.

Two of my closest friends have fought/are fighting this battle with their moms. 
It’s what I can do to love them…
And honor the beautiful women who have made them who they are.

I’m rather emotionally attached.
I can do this thing, whatever the outcome.  See you at the finish!

If you would like to support me, please click here.

Thanks, friends!  Much love!

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