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France: Louvre Antics, Etc.

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Friday started off with a trip to Sacre Couer, a Catholic Church set high upon a hill.  The history of this church is fascinating and tragic;  a subject for another post. 

From there, we got Korean for lunch.  It was here that my poor mom learned that her famous mac n’cheese has been forever trumped by my favorite dish of all time:  dulcet beem en bop. 

Sacre Couer

After stuffing ourselves with rice, red pepper paste, and Kimchee, we subway-ed it back to the hotel for a nap.  Next stop was the Louvre, where we were in rare form!  Do my mom and I look anything like Mona? 




This is officially called the Winged Victory of Samothrace but I wouldn’t have remembered that.  If you google “Louvre Lady on Ship,” this is what you’ll find!

Lady on Ship

One of the most stunning things for me in the Louvre was the sheer volume of art portraying Christ and Biblical themes.  He was the central figure in each gallery, as if the ancient artists were echoing redemption through the ages.  Loved it.

Water into Wine

Clearly a lot to contemplate here:)


After spending the evening in a museum all to ourselves we walked out to this view.  Still can’t believe we’re in Paris….  Tomorrow we’re off to the country via a rental car with my brother at the wheel.  Yipes!


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