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France: Chocolate, Monet, & Cooking Class


Dude.  Check out these guys.  So good, with the exception of a meringue that I swear was squirted with my brother’s shampoo.  On Day 3 we toured Gerard Murot’s Patisserie.  Here we met a guy crazy about making chocolate and us crazy about eating it. 

Gerald Merlot

From the pastry tour, we headed to the Tower of Montparnesse, the tallest structure in France.  Somehow, my brother swaggered his way up to the 58th floor and got us entrance into the snazziest restaurant I have ever stepped foot in.  DAN IS AMAZING!

Mom and Dan

Below is a pic of the Museum D’Orsay.  It houses 19th and 20th century artists, particularly the impressionists.  I LOVED THIS MUSEUM!  I’ve always had a strange thing for Monet and Degas – and then Van Gogh – well he was just one odd cat.  Fascinating, beautiful art here.

Museum D'Orsay

Here was our surprise of the day.  Dan had arranged for us to take a French Cuisine Cooking Class in Paris!  It was soooo much fun!  We made fish, vegetables, and souffle. 

I was delegated the hardest part of the meal – a peculiar sauce (not a wise decision on the chef’s part.)  Continually fearing that I would break it, she intermittently went nuts and all nervous-like.  (Who knew that you could break a sauce!)

Dan, on the other hand,  got major commendations from all of the women for his culinary skills (though he isn’t watching what he is doing with the knife below.) 

Dan with Knife

Tomorrow we head to a Korean restaurant and the Louvre.  Can’t wait to see Mona!

2 thoughts on “France: Chocolate, Monet, & Cooking Class

  1. Those chocolates look SO good! Love hearing about your trip!

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