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France: 2 Days In


According to my blog, I never left France.  Oops.  I am home.  Just forgot I had a blog!  And I’ve gone back to teaching, writing, consigning for the spring, and being a momma and wife. 

Our trip to France was incredible, but it is good to be home.  What you’ll find in the next few days is a delayed random photo recap of history, architecture, food, art, friends, and the three of us – my mom, brother and me. 

L'Arche de Triumphe

Upon arriving in Paris, we travelled first to the L’Arc de Triumphe – a monument honoring those who fought for France.  250 steps later (on no sleep, mind you!) we got to the top to the most fantastic view.  And there was the Eiffel, completely catching me off guard.  So breathtaking!


My brother was in rare form.  He was thrilled to host us, although perhaps a little anxious about us two girls  in Paris.  We’re not always high maintenance, but maybe upon occasion…  We spent the rest of our day eating crepes along the Seine and trekking to our hotel via the subway, bags in tow.

Classic mom

After a great night of sleep, we were raring to go on Wednesday.  (Look how cute my mom is!)  We woke up to buttery croissants, hard boiled eggs, coffee, and fruit.  We toured a history museum and ate lunch at a vegetarian restaurant (my brother aims to please his sister!)

Notre Dame

After fantastic falafel, we headed to Notre Dame.  Prior to our visit, Notre Dame was a big church with a hunchback, compliments of Victor Hugo.  Yet I kept finding myself wiping away tears. 

Light of the World

 Scriptures came alive to me here in flickering candles and flying buttresses;  in ancient carvings and light streaming through mosaics;  in every beggar and thief.  Someday I’ll get a chance to get it on paper.

Feeding the birds

Following Notre Dame, we walked down to the Seine armed with birdseed.  As it goes, we started out begging a lonely bird to eat our offerings and ended up with every great uncle and 5th cousin, once removed, attacking us.  It was fantastic.

Love my brother

Also fantastic was this boat ride.  Along the Seine, you’ll see the Museum d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and every aspect of Notre Dame.  But frankly, they had nothing on time with my mom and brother. 

Having fun

More to come one of these days!

2 thoughts on “France: 2 Days In

  1. Glad you updated the blog! I love it. I can’t wait to see more pictures.

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