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Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure


I never thought I’d be running in my first 5K at 35.  It makes me giggle.  I’m by no means a runner.  I’ve got an awkward stride.  My arms do weird stuff.  And I’m not dainty when I huff.  

Plus I’m slow as all get-up. 

But I love it.  It’s much harder than I thought it would be and yet so much more rewarding.  My legs feel less likely to collapse all the time.  And something in me is more resolved, determined, resolute.  It’s been good.

With it being my first race, I’m pursuing realistic goals:

To break 30 minutes (my best so far is 31:40)
To have fun
To raise money for a cure

Proceeds from the race fund education, screening and treatment programs for local women affected by breast cancer and also go to support the national search for a cure.

I’m running for many women affected by this diagnosis, but close to my heart are two. 

I’m running in memory of Carol and in honor of Gail.  And of course, their daughters, friends, and family members that have been rocked by this illness. 

If you would like to support me in this run, please donate online here.  I’m hoping to raise $100, but anything would be incredible.

 Thanks, friends.

With much love,

3 thoughts on “Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure

  1. uh, please tell me that a 10 minute mile IS NOT SLOW. I strive for 10 minute miles and have been working towards them for a long time now.

    I’ll be running the lake at camp this summer, want to come visit????? I’ll be there at the end of july and could use a running buddy. Plus I have a campsite that you could camp on.

    • thank you court! i can’t tell you how much you’ve encouraged me:) thank you!

      oh my! i would love to see you this summer. haven’t been to camp since before korea. man do i miss that place. the lake is my favorite place to run.

      i’ll have to see if we can swing it around those times. thanks for the heads up!

  2. road trip!!!!!!!!! once you’re there, you’d be my guest!!! come on……..

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