Chase Fireflies

So Worth It Tears


Can any of my girl peeps relate to this?  This is great. 
I’m not this weepy, but okay maybe I am.  Sometimes. 

What makes you cry?
  For me, it’s..

 having babies, God
 worship, honest stories, people who are not valued
 and things THAT I REALIZE I don’t deserve.   

Finding home plate, that three point shot
my Daddy’s kindness, the laughter of friends
lives well lived, and – on occasion – napkins. 

Anyway, watch the clip.  And smile:)

4 thoughts on “So Worth It Tears

  1. Loved that video! Wife definitely deserved to be “humiliated” for weeping over RETURN OF THE JEDI! Seriously what part of that has her weeping? I’d be weeping cause I got stuck watching an AWFUL movie w/ characters I “hate”! 🙂

  2. isn’t it funny? we thought it was a riot! paul could so relate!

  3. Paul needs to video one of those & post it on youtube! I’m sure the world would LOVE to see it!

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