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Big Ticket Winner


So far in the history of me I have won 4 tickets to Kennywood, a couple of cheeseburgers, a frosty, and a small Pampered Chef recipe book. 

I am a sucker for all things free, so I sign up to win everything.  And I always think I’m going to win.  This week I dropped my name in to win a free night at the orchestra and 10 days with a personal trainer.  Wouldn’t spot the crazy cash for either, but if it’s free…

Because of said tendency to register for everything, my name is on every mailing list.  You should see our mailbox. 

I always wonder if the mail carrier wants to hunt me down or if he relishes the challenge of stuffing all the junk into that little box. 

Anyway, I shall not complain about junk, nor about the hundreds of times I haven’t won.  Instead, I shall freak out that I won a 3 Month Family Membership to the Y!  Such a win calls for excessive screaming and jumping and scaring the small children.  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

On Tuesday, we officially paraded in with our prize.  I’ve logged in miles since then, swam with the kiddos in the pool, and am still freaked out by the free weights. 

One day I will brave the mass of buff people and figure things out, or at least look like a skinny fool. 

Till then, I’m enjoying lapping everyone on the track.  I am so not competitive on the treadmill in our basement, but tracks are another story.  I’ve already bragged to Paul that I’m the fastest human on that thing.  (I’m also the youngest by about 20 years – this fastest human thing won’t last long.) 

Anyway, I am very excited.   This is the best win ever! 

Here’s to free stuff, three months of burning legs, and playing with the kiddos!  Yeah!

What is the best thing you’ve ever won?

4 thoughts on “Big Ticket Winner

  1. Wow Kristin!! How fun for you guys! I think I might have won a free bottle of pop or 2. When I worked at Wendy’s our evening crew got an “I Got Caught Red Handed” shirt one evening (some promotion by coca cola). Other than that, nothing much here. 🙂 I am excited for your win though! That is so great!! Burn some calories for me, hehe!

  2. My Brother has won a trip to New York in a grocery store contest, and won $15,000 to $20,000 (I forget exact amount) in a raffle. IDK how he has such luck, and yet always thinks he’s unlucky!

    • What? That’s crazy. How sweet is that! He’ll have to transfer some of that luck. Heard about the game being cancelled this weekend. Hope you still had fun anyway!

  3. Emily, that’s funny! You must’ve loved that shirt:) I’ll be burning calories but restocking them shortly after! I eat so much more when I’m working out! Grr….

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