Chase Fireflies

Husband of Mine


Husband of mine does not like to be embarrassed. 

Balloons are not really his thing.  Nor loud birthday songs in restaurants.  Nor anything that may draw attention to himself, such as…. well, this. 

The man is flushed already, no doubt.  Oh well.

I first fell in love with a quiet guy with a huge heart for God and a sensitivity mixed with strength.  He made me laugh.  He made me think.  I am still in love with that same guy. 
Some things have changed.  Some have not. 

He’s not as quiet anymore.  He speaks up for people who need a voice. 

He’s lost the swagger that comes from driving fast cars and a motorcycle. The Van and Bonnie the Beast don’t really compare.  He is the King of All Things Yard Sale.  And we live like a royal family because of it. 

He was never really a small people person.  But once he became a Dad, he became the greatest.  Our kids adore him.  I love the way they look up to him.  I love the way he gets on their level.

He still walks humbly with a good God.  Gives generously.  Practices patience.  Speaks gently.  Holds out hope.  Makes me laugh. Challenges me.  Believes in people.

I am crazy about this guy.  Still can’t believe he’s mine.
Happy Birthday, Paul.
Love, Me.

3 thoughts on “Husband of Mine

  1. “I love the way he gets on their level.”

    yeah, spending time with the 3 of them on saturday mornings is like a Look Who’s Talking marathon

  2. I hope Paul had a great birthday!

    Love your new blog! 🙂

    • thanks, leah. btw, adden is ALWAYS talking about ty. so funny. he thinks your guy is the best. i didn’t know a 2 year old could look up to someone so much, even at a young age!

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