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12 Kids and Pennies

a need: A typhoon hit the community where Rodean lives (our youth group’s sponsored child.)

a lesson: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was the real deal for the Israelites, except with Manna. Today, God provides for us so that we may provide for others. (Our Children’s Church lesson 1st-6th grade)

a response: 12 children + 6 weeks + pennies = $73.64 + $73.64 (our church board matched their total- yay for them rewarding a child’s faith!) = $147.28

*the best is that these kiddos gave what they had and for some it was just a quarter they found at McDonald’s and nickels from school*

Yeah! The students almost tripled their goal with their Compassion Cups! I wish you could’ve heard their cheers (and little happy dances!)

The total was sent electronically last week, so it may be in his family’s hands now.
Looking forward to hearing how God continues to supply Rodean’s family’s needs…
Thanks to all the kids, their parents, Pastor Charles, and the board for allowing us to do this.

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Autistic/Artistic Creations

Meet Lipid the Lover.

We bought Lipid from Nate, an amazing young guy with one proud dad. And proud he should be.

Nate creates little creatures, much like Lipid. Each one comes with its own story. Here is his:

Lipid used to be bored with life. Every day seemed the same.
You can buy more of Nate’s creations here. Enjoy!

But all that changed the day Lipid’s pet caterpillar ran away, for it was then that Lipid realized that everything he had could be lost.

And this is how Lipid learned what love is and the secret to experiencing everyone, and everything, as new.

Now Lipid’s favorite quote is: “The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.”Gilbert Chesterton