Chase Fireflies

The Castle Winter Retreat 09-10

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The Castle

Bags are packed.  Kids are psyched.  Amazing husband is stressed.

Headed to our annual Castle retreat today – a gargantuan old mansion hidden up north- to hang out with a bunch of teenagers, college students, helpers.  We’ll be there through Sunday.

Would love your prayer for:

1.  Students to find Christ, community, healing, freedom.
2.  Safety travelling for all.  (I am commuting Fri/Sat due to work obligations- huge bummer.)
3.  Everyone to have a blast. 
4.  Paul to have wisdom.  Tom to clearly communicate God’s heart.   Counselors to build
      relationships, be authentic, point to Christ.  Worship to inspire, encourage, challenge, love.

My responsibilities this year include taking care of our kids, hanging out with students, praying, and getting some good air in improv sack chair flying.  I’ve got it made. 

Thanks for praying, guys. 

Much Love and Happy New Year!!!!!  Whohoo!

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