Chase Fireflies

6 thoughts on “Much Loved December

  1. I'm partial to the old Christmas favorites, but last Christmas I got Enya's "And Winter Came…" and it has become my new favorite!

  2. i like the old favorites, too, emily. especially the old classics. sara groves' o holy night is amazing too. i've never heard of enya's christmas cd. i imagine that it brings a calm to your home when you play it!

  3. thanks, brian. i'll have to check out the greatest and good. never heard of them, but that's not a surprise. as for the freest, it's a keeper. i forgot you had a christmas song! we'll have to pull that out again. thanks!

  4. LOVE your new site!

    My fave Christmas CDs would be Third Day’s Christmas Offerings/Steven Curtis Chapman’s All I Really Want For Christmas and Point of Grace’s Winter Wonderland.

    • Thanks for sharing, Leah. I didn’t know Third Day had a Christmas album. I really like their other Offerings album. Good stuff.

      Is your family coming to the Castle this year or just Tom? Looking forward to it! Have a great Christmas!

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