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The Gospel, According to Nutcracker Guy


Once upon a time, an old Nutcracker got his arm amputated under a pile of Christmas decorations. His jaw met a similar fate – except this time, by the hands of a small boy – not by the name of Fritz, but Adden.

The Nutcracker, as you can imagine, looked rather pitiful, to say the least.

So in a fit of Christmas cleaning and goodwill to match the season, Frantic Mother suggested, “I think we should finally throw Mr. Nutcracker Guy away.”

This heartless statement was met with tears from the Little Girl, who clutched Broken Nutcracker Man even more closely than before.

“But Mommy, I love him.”

Still not getting it, Evil Mom replied, “But honey, he is very broken. He doesn’t look nice as a decoration anymore and he can’t crack nuts without a jaw.”

“But Mommy, He’s my Nutcracker and I love him. Even if he is broken, He is mine.”
At this point, Frantic Evil Mom stops the flurry of decorating and cruel remarks and looks into her daughter’s eyes. “You’re right, sweetheart. Don’t ever let Mommy throw Mr Nutcracker away. He has someone who loves him very much. And that’s what makes him special.”

Little Girl beams and runs away with a treasure.

Sometimes elements of the Gospel play out for us in our very homes.

That is, if we’re not too busy and frantic to notice.

4 thoughts on “The Gospel, According to Nutcracker Guy

  1. Wow. I love these moments you share! 🙂

  2. love love love it.

  3. What a beautiful reminder! Thank you for sharing these moments! Keeps life in perspective!

  4. when we take a child's perspective, the whole world looks different. and, i should add, much more how it should be:)

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